Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing is one of the most sought after materials for new roofs. There are a number of benefits that make metal roofing appealing to both homeowners and roofing contractors alike. When comparing metal roofing to shingle roofing you will find that the cost is almost double however the longevity of the roofing material more than doubles. We will look deeper into metal roofing advantages and disadvantages throughout this articles.

As stated above metal shingling is known for its durability and longevity. An asphalt shingle roof is warranted to last anywhere between twelve to twenty years. This will be determined by the type of climate the home is located within as well as the shingle material that was purchased. Metal roofs have been thought to last upwards of fifty years. This is quite impressive when it comes to roofing longevity..

All sides slope toward the ground. Two sides are triangular, while the other two sides are trapezoidal.The standard residential home with metal roofing will generally have identical pitch or slope on all sides.

Metal Roofing Installation

Must I Remove The Existing Roof?

Metal roofing can be installed over existing roofing, assuming the structure of the roof can sustain the weight. It adds a significant amount of weight and requires shoring of roof supports. The most effective means to install a metal roof is to remove the old roof, structure new support, and begin again.

Begin at the Top

A practical tool now comes into play-the tape measure. Before you can order materials, you must know the length of needed coverage between eave and ridgepole, the piece of wood that runs from front to back and supports the rafters.

Picture the roof as a cross section in the shape of a triangle, longest side down. This is called a “truss,” and is also the “run distance.” Now measure the leg of the triangle which runs from each end of the run distance to the ridgepole. This is the “rise distance.” In our case, the rise distance is the same on both sides. From here,you can determine the square footage of your roof, and determine how much roofing material to order.

Adding to the Framework

Next comes the insulation layer. All roofs have moisture, therefore you want to block it from entering the sheathing.

The Metal Roofing Installation process begins at the edge. First, install edging around the entire roof overhang. This is done by nailing to the roof framework, and overhanging the edge of the gutter system.

Next, position the metal panels horizontally, square to the edge, and overhanging slightly. Once in place, secure the panels to the structure with washer-head screws (to keep out water) set a foot apart. It would be a good practice to snap a chalk line at each level to position the screws on the frame and create an attractive picture from the ground.

The Layout Process

Subsequent rows must overlap by at least an inch. In a particularly moist environment, silicone may be applied at the place of overlap; the pressure on the metal sheet will spread the silicone and create a seal.

Finally comes the flashing that covers the vertical joints. Where there is a ridge, that flashing can be bent to fit. Like the plates themselves, flashing pieces must overlap towards the bottom, for water flow

Metal Roofing installation Prices tags

Metal roofing costs can generally differ contingent upon the evaluation or profile of the item. Costs can run between $2 to $9 and the sky is the limit from there, per sq ft. The distinction in the material utilized for assembling contributes incredibly to the general cost with tin, steel, terne covered stainless steel, aluminum and copper being utilized as a part of various evaluations. This implies at a normal, you will need to spend anywhere in the range of $200 to $900 per square (100 sq. ft.) for a metal roofing framework. The cost per square is comprehensive of every single essential part that incorporate starter/trickle edge, peak, edge top, cuts, clasp, screws, nails and the rest. Be that as it may, the manufactured underlayment for the metal roofing framework must be acquired independently and would involve an extra cost of about $20 to $30 per square.

The mainstream kind of metal roofing systems utilized today are Galvalume, aluminum, terne-covered stainless steel, stone covered steel and copper. Galvalume is the most famous and the minimum excessive metal roofing choice costing around $200 per square. Aluminum, terne covered stainless steel and stone covered steel items would begin at about $350 including all parts. Copper is the costliest and can set you back by approx. $1000 per square.